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“No!” A voice jars you into consciousness, “What have you done!”
Your body begins to shake and your eyes open slowly. You blink hard. How long have you been asleep? Or were you asleep at all? You look over and see a small bright yellow cat staring you down. It had a look of desperation and fear on its face. Why was it so scared? You close your eyes again. Something’s hurting. You can’t figure out what part of your body it is, or why. Suddenly, a huge stab of pain pulses in your skull. Your head. Someone hit your head? The pain pulses through you again. No, not your head. Your brain?
You open your eyes again. The light hurts them. You don’t understand what’s happening. There’s too much pain to understand anything. The bright yellow cat with the cherry red cheeks is jumping around. Dancing? No. Fighting? Is it fight? You noticed a really strange looking purple cat with weird wings extending from all of it’s legs. It’s attacking the yellow one! Why were they-- Pain! Another strike of the pain assaults your head. You begin to fade.
Everything begins to fade.
It all floods back to you. It was a virus. The memory flows back to you. Your start to remember.
You were a strong Pokecat. You were one of the kindest, strongest in your homeland. You never let anything touch you, or frazzle you. You had the courage of a luxray and the bravery of a charizard. One day while you were out training you found someone. They were half dead laying in the dirt. You quickly ran to help as best as you could. The pokecat you had found was hurt. It looked… different. It’s eyes were wild and it’s fur was ruffled. It had tried to warn you. Blinded by your compassion for the injured you didn’t listen. The Pokecat died shortly after you found it.
Weeks after the incident you started feeling weird. Feeling different… about everything. You changed what you thought was right. You started being rude. You couldn’t figure out why. Everyday you felt different. You were yourself one day, and the next you were some sort of dictator.
Your companions began to avoid you. You were becoming a recluse. The old personality that everyone on the island was so proud of was gone. You were gone. Your only friend who kept trying to stay around you was a pikachu pokecat. Your best friend on some days and on others, your mortal enemy. Your friend put up with your strange new mood swings and when you started to become even more demented someone came to contact you.
A "Rocket", as the pokecat had called themselves, had invited you to become one of them. You knew of the rockets and their devious plots to rule the island. You declined. The rocket pokecat had left, but shortly after that your health began to decline. Your pikachu friend began to tell you that people in the island were also starting to act strange.
You suddenly realized something dramatic. Something that had to be shared with the champion of the island. You were on your way to meet him when you ran into the same rocket Pokemon.
Upon seeing the rocket your health decreased even more and you were crippled not being able to even help your comrade in the fight with the rocket.
You died in that fight.
Your virus you had contracted had caused bleeding inside of your brain.
You didn’t get to warn everyone about the upcoming threat. Your warning never did get to the champion.
The Pokerus, as it had began to be called, spread across the island.   
It wasn’t as powerful as the case you had. It was actually moving a lot slower. Most everyone on the island experienced strange mood swings. Few knew the cause of this. The elites and champion had tried to keep it secret from everyone, but it was hard to keep an epidemic under wraps.
The islanders had to start figuring out what was happening, and how to stop it.
If they didn’t figure out how.
They were going to end up
Just like you.

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May 26, 2012


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