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May 26, 2012


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The Rules | How to Join | Pokerus | The Story | Ranks | XP Points Explanation | Pokedex | FAQ | The Bank | Assignments

Before making your application, please read The Rules.

:pokeball: A few quick guidelines: :pokeball:

:bulletred: You MUST start out your pokemon as a basic, like Piplup or Charmander. You can not start out as a second or third stage pokemon like Prinplup or Charazard.

:bulletred: You also can NOT apply for the Elite Four or Gym Leaders unless you have evolved, which you can only do if you have enough XP points, or your on your second or third evolution.

:bulletred: You start out with 0 XP once you join. To earn more XP, you must be active and submit pictures/writing to the group. If you earn 150 more XP (5-30 points will be given out based off the quality of your submission), you have the option to evolve your pokecat.

Poke-Paws -+APPLICATION FORMS+- by Pandaskeeper

Fill out the application above, then here is what you need to fill out in the description.

Name: [Your character's name here.]
Gender: [The gender of your character. ]
Species (Pokemon): [What species of pokemon your cat is (Ex: Pichu, Dratini)]
Type: [The type of your pokemon-cat. (Ex: Fire, Flying)]
Age: [The age of your character. If your character was human, how old would they be?]
Rank: [The rank you are applying for.]…
Moveset: [The moves your poke-cat knows. If it's not something your pokemon your cat's based on can know it's unacceptable.]

Personality: [The normalpersonality of your character. Descriptive and at least than 4 sentences.]

Pokerus personality: [The Pokerus personality of your character - His/Her's opposite personality. Team Rocket members do not have Pokerus]…

Held Item: [The item your character will hold - but only the ones in the games. (Ex: Peacha Scarves, Berries, Scope Lenses, Ect.)]

A little background info: [What was your character's past like? At least 5 sentences.]

Relationships: [What kind of relationships does your character have? These are relationships from the role-play.
PLEASE USE A BULLET CHART. It makes things easier for everyone.]

RP example:
[PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT THIS EXAMPLE NEEDS TO BE LONG ENOUGH SO WE CAN TELL WHAT YOU ARE LIKE WHEN YOU ROLE PLAY. This can not be just a few sentences, it can be no less then a paragraph. If it is, your application will be ignored. Sorry, but that's just our rules.]

To join, you must send us a join request like this:

[And a link to your app.]

It is then when we will review it, and hopefully, acecept you into our community!

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smmorton36 Sep 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
um i made a Ninetales for my first poke-paw, is that alright. I just want to make sure before i join
Chase-the-Ace Sep 24, 2013  Student Digital Artist
No sorry, that's not alright! :c
PLEASE remember to read all the rules and info first! As, you must start from a first evolution. You can't, for example, start as a Charazard, You must start as a Charmander. Then when you draw pictures or write stories, you'll gain XP to level up!
So you sadly cannot be a NineTales, you must start out as a Vulpix.
Please remember to read all the rules and info! :C
smmorton36 Sep 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Uh okay then (that was a little rude with all the yelling). *sigh* i'll have to do my application all over
Chase-the-Ace Sep 25, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Uh, rude? Yelling? Was there massive amount of capital letters? x9000 explanation points? No, there was not. Calm down.
All the information is in the journals, remember to read them to avoid mishaps. 
smmorton36 Sep 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

lol im definately joining this looks like so much fun ;]
would your age be your level or do we all start out at level "0"?
XForever-aloneX Apr 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You would have to be a newborn kit. Kits are born into the group
Jazznote Apr 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
We don't really have levels here, so your age would be the age your cat would be if they were human. c:
okay thanks :3
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